Life // The 11 Home Truths about being an Expat in Singapore

It’s almost a year since we moved to Singapore so thought it would be fun to share some of the things people normally just don’t tell you before you move here.

  1. Be prepared… a glass of wine will cost the same as a bottle in most other countries. And lets not even talk about spirits. (But you can buy it duty free as you come in each time, they even sell Fever Tree Mediterranean Light tonic water at Changi airport now too)
  2. Clothes need to be tumble dried before you put them in your cupboard or they can go mouldy. (Just a short 15mins will do it and save your clothes, you can also buy thirsty hippos to put in your cupboards to collect the moisture)
  3. It might be hot but it can still take three days plus to dry your clothes outside.
  4. Owning a car here is equivalent to a small mortgage in some countries. The government slap a rather expensive certificate purchase on top of a car price which only validates that car for 10 years and after that it’s off to be scrapped.
  5. You have to wash your bras daily, no eeking it out a few days here.
  6. It’s quite normal to shower three times a day.
  7. It’s best to leave your favourite coffee table books at home, they’ll get ruined in the humidity.
  8. It’s cloudy a lot of the time, but those sunny days are so worth it. I really did think moving so close to the equator that it would be blue skies all the time but we have a lot of grey days too.
  9. Anywhere further than 15mins journey is considered far. Live on Sentosa and locals will think you’re at the end of the earth.
  10. Ants ants ruddy ants. They’re a pest in the home, this ant gel works wonders though.
  11. Some (usually older) Taxi drivers have right foot syndrome, where they pedal that right foot to the point of nausea. Now I’ve googled this and there are possibly two reasons… 1, it’s thought that it can save money on gas. 2, it’s thought to push up the fare meter to get you to pay more. Either way it’s not fun for passengers.

Any that I’ve missed off? Which one caught you off guard?



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