About Dee

Hi I’m Dee I’m originally from the beautiful Kentish countryside in England but most recently before we left England we lived in Surrey. When I say ‘we’ I mean I’m a mumma of two kids who are 8 & 10 and wife to my hubby, Simon. In 2017 we quite dramatically packed our life into 96 boxes and 10 suitcases to move and start our expat life in Singapore, giving our friends and family only two months notice, sorry guys!


Travel is my passion and one of the main reasons we moved to Asia. We wanted show our kids this side of the world. We’ve already had a blast showing them around Europe, most recently before our relocation we travelled through; France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France in one big trip (mainly in our bell tent which is now stored in my parents basement). Italy stole a piece of our hearts and we can’t wait to visit again when we finally move back to Europe.

I have a unique ability for finding out whats happening in any place we land. Normally my husband will book the flights and do the holiday admin like insurance and car hire. But I take over with our itinerary. It makes me come alive to find out whats happening in a city, where the best spots to visit are, which cafe does the best coffee, where and what are the locals eating, where is the best spot to relax, you get the gist I’m sure. I spend hours researching via many different resources; libraries, Facebook groups, Instagram, locals, etc. It really does become an obsession.


I tend to favour smaller eco resorts which can offer unique experiences and give you a feel for the local culture but safety is high on our list and we consider it very carefully when visiting a country for the first time. You’ll often find me seeking out gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian food hot spots on our travels too.

Thus when my friends go to visit places I’ve always been their go-to person for recommendations. Funny story… I recently had a friend ask me for recommendations on a place I’ve not actually been to yet. She said she knew that I’d dig out some good gluten free places with lethal cocktails for her to visit. As it happens I did a bit of research and she loved my suggestions.

So that’s why started this blog… I’ve always found that it’s hard to get excited by a plain text list and I like to visualise places. So this blog will hopefully fill your dreams with visions and ideas of places to visit on your travels and hook you up with a decent cocktail (or two) along on the way.


Places we visited in 2018 included; Bali, Batam, Austria, England, Cambodia, Rawa, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo. My photos are taken on my Olympus PL8 and iPhone 8.

2019 took us to Australia (Perth), Sibu (Sea Gypsy), Rider’s Lodge in Malaysia, Vietnam (North & Middle) and Austria with a few more countries thrown in the mix too.

Countries and places on my hit list for the next couple of years are (in no particular order) a family holiday in Fiji (yes we want to visit where Moana is from), back packing in Sri Lanka (the blue train, those tea plantations), exploring in Vietnam (Northern and middle done, Sapa is high on the list here), Bintan (it’s a short ferry ride from Singapore so the perfect weekend get-away), Australia (I feel like I need to spend time in Byron Bay, I just need to get over my fear of snakes), Laos, Lombok, Bali (ok we’ve been a few times but I need more Bali in my life), Japan and Taiwan. Plus when the kids are a bit older I’d like to discover India and China.

Anything else you want to know about me? Let me know and I’ll add it in.

Dee x

P.S. If you’re a hotel, brand, resort, tourist board etc and you’d like to work with Weaving my Way –  fill in the form below with your requirements, I can send you a media pack and we can chat from there. I’m currently working on travel plans for 2021, I’m hopeful we’ll be able to travel again at some point.

P.P.S. If you’re also a travel blogger and would like to feature in my ‘Journey to…’ series please reach out below with a country you’d like to cover together.