Travel // 9 Travel Instagram Accounts to Feed your Wanderlust

If you’re travel obsessed like me, you probably like to do a bit of living your travelling dreams vicariously through others too. Instagram is great for this, even if it can offer up an unhealthy amount of fomo.

However I do get a lot of inspiration from this platform and there are a few individuals who I love to follow along with on their world travels. So I’m sharing them here so you can tag along on their adventures with me. It’s the next best thing to stowing away in an actual suitcase.

Please add any travel Instagramers who you love to follow in the comments, I love the inspiration!

Let’s share
  1. Underthesycamore | Ashley Cambell

This awesome, inspiring mumma is a current travel fave. She’s travelling around the world with her crew of five kids, not only on a strict limited budget but also sticking to warm weather. Mostly inspired by her ability to pack light, please teach me Ashley.

2. gypsea_lust | Lauren Bullen

This gal seems to always be on the move and when she’s not you can soak up the scenery from her beautiful home in Bali. I love that she appreciates an Aperol Spritz as much as I do.

3. ouropenroad
I came across this family after reading their story from when they were attacked by pirates in Brazil, South America and were super lucky to escape. These days you can follow along with their slow, intentional living in Bali and on their trusty boat Wendi. They also just leased land and bought a home in Bali, so I’m excited to see this adventure unfold for them.

4. jordhammond | Jord Hammond

Follow along if you love landscape and travel photography, this guy has an amazing eye and his photographs have a lot of soul to them. Also offers free photography courses and lessons.

5. jackmorris | Jack Morris

Once the better half of gypsea_lust above, Jack travels to some awesome locations and one to follow if you like a good landscape picture. Also lots of appreciation for when he shares photo editing tips.

6. onmajasmap | Maja

A recent new follow for me but a fellow Singapore resident also exploring the Asia region. Has a beautiful blog which you should check in on.

7. sam.vax | Sam Vax

Follow along for an insight into beautiful people and local life in Tanzania, an amazing photographer who has a humanity to his images. Also a Lightroom ambassador.

8. kendallbaggerly | Kendall Baggerly

This gal is totally living out the life of my alter ego, surfing, chilling in her camper van and travels with her cute doggie across Australia. Excited to see where these two head in the future.

9. jonashornehoj | Jonas Hornehoj

Hands down one of my favourite travel photographers on the gram, not only landscape images he’s also a nifty drone flyer.

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