Travel // 9 Books to Transport you Around the World from the Comfort of your Sofa {2020}

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When I originally planned this blog, I saw it as a collection of must-read-by-the-pool books. Well, the 2020 pandemic of covid-19 put stop to those plans. But I still think that if we can’t read by the pool or on the beach, then sitting on your sofa reading about holiday adventures instead, is a close second.

It’s taken me a while to find the style of books I really enjoy reading and it’s no surprise that they have a travel theme in common. I love to be transported by a book to far away places, dream of places I haven’t yet seen but also enjoying the familiarity of places which feel like home. Better yet to read about times and places before travel was as accessible as it is today. To have travelled over 100 years ago must’ve been such an adventure. Before jetting off and arriving somewhere on the same day, when the journey was part of the adventure and used to take days if not weeks.

So hopefully, if you’re desperately sad like me at having had your travel plans swiftly snatched away from you, that these books will bring you a little joy and keep the travel bug alive. As I write this we are meant to be exploring Lombok and the Gili islands (we will still visit so please share any tips and must-sees). And last month we missed a weekend escape to our family favourite Nikoi Island. I know these are all first world problems and our health is most important but man it sucks.

I have been missing going on adventures with my family, planning trips and writing these blogs to inspire you. But we have to believe that these times will come again. And before we know it we’ll be out there experiencing this beautiful world and the cultures that lie within. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have, please share in the comments if you have a favourite read you think I’d enjoy as I’m always on the look-out for a good travel read.

Stay safe x

The Botanist's Daughter

1. The Botanist’s Daughter,
by Kayte Nunn

A book that transports you between Chile, Cornwall and Sydney in the flick of a page. A tale of two young women who are intertwined by their family trees.

I love reading about how botanists from yesteryear discovered new plants and brought them back to England and this book didn’t disappoint.

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In the Far Pashmina Mountains by [Janet MacLeod Trotter]

2. In the Far Pashmina Mountains,
by Janet MacLeod Trotter

This has to be one of my all time favourite books, the writer is so good that you can smell and see the sights of India as you read.

You’ll love hearing about how they travelled with all the essentials like baths, sofas, kitchen sink, Persian rugs etc to furnish their safari tents. I’m yet to visit India, we’re waiting for the kids to be a bit older, but I can’t wait.

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Siena Summer by [Teresa Crane]

3. Siena Summer,
by Teresa Crane

I have so much love for Italy in the summer; the food, the wine and most certainly the people. This book will transport you right there with a good twist to boot.

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The Thousand Lights Hotel: Escape to Italy in this gorgeous summer read by [Emylia Hall]

4. The Thousand Lights Hotel, by Emylia Hall

I wish the guest house this book is about was real, I’d be there in a flash. I also really want to visit Elba, a little island off the coast of Italy.

We were meant to go the summer before we moved to Asia but ended up staying in Tuscany instead as the campsite we wanted to stay at was fully booked. This book was my inspiration though.

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The Girl on the Train: The Richard & Judy Book Club and international bestseller by [Paula Hawkins]

5. The Girl on the Train,
Paula Hawkins

Not strictly travel if you’re already in London, but I read this when we’d already moved to Singapore and it reminded me of travelling to work in London from Surrey on the train.

I could picture all the houses with gardens from my commute whilst I read this. I always used to wonder about the people in the houses I could see.

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The Little French Guesthouse: The perfect feel good summer read (La Cour des Roses Book 1) by [Helen Pollard]

6. The Little French Guesthouse,
by Helen Pollard

Throughout my 20s and 30s we spent a lot of our summer holidays visiting France. We often used to stay at a lovely gite in Montboyer near Bordeaux.

This book is actually a trilogy and it took me right back to France; the yellow sunflower fields, the vineyards, wafting around the markets, it felt like home to me.

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Me Before You: The international bestselling phenomenon by [Jojo Moyes]

7. Me Before You,
by Jojo Moyes

Again not strictly travel if you already live in England but I don’t at the moment and I loved the reminder of home.

This trilogy delves more into holidays and destinations abroad as you get further in. A spoiler alert, I sobbed so hard during the first book that I could hardly read the pages.

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The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me Before You by [Jojo Moyes]

8. The Giver of Stars,
by Jojo Moyes

This is a recent read for me and I was transported to an America of yesterday. It’s about a travelling library where the books are delivered to customers by horseback.

I felt like I was sat in the saddle riding alongside these girls through all the weathers.

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The Wild Other: A memoir of love, adventure and how to be brave by [Clover Stroud]

9. The Wild Other,
by Clover Stroud

This story is an absolute whirlwind. It takes you on a journey to all corners the world. When I first read it I thought it was complete fiction, but I was blown away to discover that the astonishing Clover is real and lives in England.

If you love horse riding (or not) you’ll enjoy the travels this story takes you on at rocket speed.

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9 Books to transport you around the world from your sofa

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