Guides // 9 Books to Read from your Pool Lounger, Aeroplane Seat or the Comfort of your Sofa {2022}

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One of the best things I did during the pandemic was join a book club. A now friend, posted on our local whats-app group that she was stuck in quarantine and wanted to start a book club as she was bored of reading the same books. So my lovely neighbour, Vicky and myself signed up. This is unlike me and totally out of my comfort zone. I was petrified before my first meeting. 

We now meet once a month, and read one book a month which is totally doable even on a busy month. I’ve only missed one book so far. It’s not all books when we meet, we rotate and take it in turns to host, enjoy a few glasses of wine to help the nibbles go down. 

In my friend’s book club they take it in turns to pick a book and share it with the group. In our group we’re more of a democracy hah and we all put forward books we’d like to read which goes into a poll that we all vote on till we get a winner. 

We’ve read some absolute corkers and luckily only a few duds. As friends know I like to read I’m tapped up and often asked for book recommendations, see this list I wrote before ‘9 Books to Transport you Around the World from the Comfort of your Sofa‘. So I wanted to share some of my favourite recent reads with you so that you can enjoy them from your loungers, aeroplane seat or sofa.

Would love you to share any books you’ve enjoyed recently in the comments section as I’m always looking to broaden my reading. 


1. The Great Alone,
by Kristin Hannah

This is my go-to recommendation for a good read at the moment. It’ll transport you to the beauty of the great American wilderness of Alaska. It’s so well written you can see, feel even smell what it’s like to be there. 

I loved the grit and determination of the main character. It’s a real rollercoaster read that will have you weeping and laughing along. 

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2. The Scent Keeper,
by Erica Bauermeister

If you read ‘The Great Alone’ (above) and loved it, I think you’ll also enjoy this. Think wilderness, deserted islands, bears, open water mixed with love and family drama.

All based on the theory that you can bottle scents to remember a moment or time like you can a photograph. 

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3. The Last Reunion,
by Kayte Nunn

I included another book by Kayte Nunn in my previous books round up and I enjoy her writing style. It’s mesmerising how she flips from past to present and knits the two stories together and this one doesn’t disappoint. 

This one will take you to the wild jungle in Burma where you’ll meet the most amazing group of women who run a mobile canteen bringing tea, coffee, cake and smiles to the troops in their darkest moments. 

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The Ladies' Midnight Swimming Club: an uplifting, emotional story set in the sweeping Irish countryside perfect for fans of Sheila O'Flanagan by [Faith Hogan]

4. The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club, by Faith Hogan

I’d love to spend some time in the quaint rural Irish village from this book. Where female bonds go deep with history and unrivalled friendships. 

How a swim in the sea with friends can wash away anything that stands in their way. Death, divorce, career changes, illness and more. You’ll find yourself wanting to be part of their club. 

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5. The Salt Path,
Raynor Winn

Occasionally I love a true story, and I must admit that whilst reading this I didn’t realise it was a memoir. The story follows the lovely Raynor and her husband as they walk the salt path in Cornwall after unexpected circumstances leave them homeless. 

The beauty of this part of England is beyond words and she captures it in her stories beautifully. A great one if you’re homesick for England like I was when I read this. The good news is that if you enjoy this one there are two more books in the series to look forward to. 

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6. A Walk Across the Sun,
by Corban Addison

This is a book that will haunt you and stay with you, especially if you’re a mother to a daughter. I read it just before we travelled to Italy and I saw crowds and strangers in a totally different light. 

A story about two girls who get kidnapped and pulled into child trafficking from India to Europe and USA. A great eyeopener to the ugly things that are happening in our beautiful world and an education in human rights. 

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These Tangled Vines: A Novel by [Julianne MacLean]

7. These Tangled Vines,
by Julianne Maclean

I read this in two days flat, it pulls you in and you can’t put this down. It’s an easy happy read about a girl who travels to Italy after inheriting a Vineyard. My dream scenario.

Think rolling tuscan hills, earthy red wine, mediterranean blood and passion with a few family dramas thrown in for good measure. 

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8. The Horse Dancer,
by Jojo Moyes

If you loved ‘The Giver of Stars’ in my last list, this is for you and all the grown ladies who ever wanted to ride off into the sunset and join the circus on their horse. 

Again I felt like I was in the saddle next to the main character, a teenage girl who has been through more heart ache than should be allowed. 

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9. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue,
by V.E. Schwab

Ever dreamt of getting to live a 100 lives? To experience a never-ending life where you cannot die? Yet the only way you can get this is making a deal with the devil himself? And nobody ever remembering you… this is the life of Addie LaRue.

It’s interesting to consider the consequences of a life lived like this, where you can’t form friendships or hold onto anything of value. 

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